[RC5] Holding blocks hostage

(Brian Neal) bneal at volusianet.net
Tue Nov 18 18:13:11 EST 1997

On 18-Nov-97 Jeff Woods wrote:
>At 09:52 AM 11/18/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>I've decided that I am not going to return any blocks until I can figure out
>>what it is I am returning.  In other words, when bivine releases the source
>>code, I'll release the blocks I've done.

What are you doing sending this to the rc5 mailing list.  That's like walking
into the white house and threatening to kill the president.  You ought to have
more sense...


E-Mail: bneal at volusianet.net (Brian Neal)
Date: 18-Nov-97
Time: 18:13:14
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