[RC5] 2000ms ping times to best.com? (And the smoking man)

Haberlach, Adam HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu
Tue Nov 18 17:58:00 EST 1997

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	>Either way, if my ISP couldn't ping best.com in less than a few
	>milliseconds - I'd be gone!  Best.com has somewhere in the
neighborhood of
	>five (5) fiber optic T3 lines and ANYONE should be able to get to
	>FAST!  If his 'ISP' couldn't get to them in less than 2000ms then I
	>the joke is on us and this is another excuse.  No one would be dumb
	>to have an ISP that couldn't even ping one of the fastest ISPs in
	>country in less than a few milliseconds.

	>I don't mean to give the Bovine / Distributed people grief but
these delays
	>and excuses are beginning to sound rather ridiculous.

It's a conspiricy.

It's late a night (it always is), and special agent David McNett (Codename:
Nuggett) is putting the finishing touches on the replacement stats server.

"All I need to do is upload these last few queries to the web site, and
we'll be on-line!", he says, taking a another swig of Jolt and starting the

"Hey--I thought you said this ISP had a fast connection!" he yells to agent
Bovine, in the other room working on a port of the RC5-64 client to the
TI-82 calculator.  "I'm getting ping times of almost 2000ms!!"

Suddenly, the screen clears, and a cryptic message slides down the screen:
"Trust Nobody--especially with your source code."

Nuggett and Bovine look at each other in agreement as another message coasts
down the screen.  "You're well on your way.  Only 250 * 2^255 more keys to
go.  I can help.  Meet me outside.  Bring some money.  Or Pizza."

"This is weird, man." says Nuggett.  "But weI don't seem to have any
choice--we're getting ping times of 2000ms."

Stepping outside, a dark shadow in a trenchcoat lights a match.  "I believe
I know what it is you two are looking for."

"I hope so--we've been trying to tell everyone we can get our hands on.  And
what are you going to do with that match?"

"Huh?  Err, nothing, I just like lighting them.  I think you should know
that others are aware of your efforts.  Your 'network problems' are related
to this.  Someone is giving your ping times of 2000ms in order to alienate
your little herd of cattle."

Nah.  I don't think I'll go on.  Anyone else can if they wish.

Adam Haberlach      haberlaa at ucs.orst.edu
RC5-56 is over!
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