[RC5] 2000ms ping times to best.com?

Josh Carpenter jjcarpen at umich.edu
Tue Nov 18 21:27:43 EST 1997

You're confusing bandwidth and latency... If there was a 50 lane highway
between New York and California it wouldn't make the trip any faster, it
would just let more cars make the trip at the same time... So a single
connection to best.net wouldn't know the difference between 1 T3 and 5, but
those 5 T3's can handle more transactions at once.
I hope that helps...
And yes, if I was getting 2000ms ping times I'd probably switch ISP's too,
but a lot of people don't have that option. My home town has two local
ISP's and neither of them provide decent service... (One has a 56k line
into town and the other has a 64k line, and there just isn't much bandwidth
to go around...)

>At 06:19 AM 11/18/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Either way, if my ISP couldn't ping best.com in less than a few
>milliseconds - I'd be gone!  Best.com has somewhere in the neighborhood of
>five (5) fiber optic T3 lines and ANYONE should be able to get to them
>FAST!  If his 'ISP' couldn't get to them in less than 2000ms then I think
>the joke is on us and this is another excuse.  No one would be dumb enough
>to have an ISP that couldn't even ping one of the fastest ISPs in the
>country in less than a few milliseconds.
>I don't mean to give the Bovine / Distributed people grief but these delays
>and excuses are beginning to sound rather ridiculous.
>Matt Coleman
>Nashville, Tennessee
>>I thought the problem wasn't getting online, it was delays between his ISP
>>the site the stats have moved to.  I remember seeing something about 2000ms
>>ping times or something...  Anyway, let's give them a break for a few days
>>guys!  They'll get everything working.
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