[RC5] 2000ms ping times to best.net?

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Tue Nov 18 21:44:11 EST 1997

At 09:06 PM 11/18/97 -0600, you wrote:

>"One of the best in the country" ? Wow. You must do a lot of research
>to know if you find an ISP with 5 T3s, that makes them one of the best. True,
>they are a premire provider, but I think that's a very blunt and blanket
>statement from someone who appears to have little knowledge of said ISPs
>besides their ads regarding the 5 T3s.

  I love how you just assume that the only thing I know about Best.Net is
what the ad on the stats page says.  Now that I look at what I said, yes,
that was a rather blunt statement - although that does not mean that the
only thing I know about the ISP is that they have 5 T3 lines.

>If my ping times were 2000, could you say it was my ISP's problem? How
>do you know the T3 isn't getting CRCs? (That's a SWBell Problem) How
>do you know that MAE-Houston isn't having problems? How do you know that
>MCI isn't having problems? How do you know that a peer between MCI and
>another provider isn't having problems? 

  For some reason I get the feeling that a company such as Best.Net, that
has as much money going to their providers as well as SWBell, doesn't have
a problem getting things fixed fast.  A company that spends the money that
I'm SURE they do would not have problems like this that would last for DAYS.

  In my experience with routing, line, phone company and ISP problems
(which we have plenty of here in the South East - make a note: if you can
stay away from BBN in Atlanta - do it!) I have never seen a situation where
an ISP couldn't ping a seemingly fast (best.net) ISP at a fairly decent
speed.  2000ms is what I would expect from someone trying to ping through a
300 baud modem.  How can you provide service to your customers as an ISP if
for days you are providing ping times to a very fast ISP at 2000ms?
Problems like that typically do not take DAYS to fix.  I have seen fiber
lines cut underground in downtown Atlanta before that didn't take more than
a few hours to fix!  I could understand the 2000ms problem lasting a little
while...but DAYS?  I've never seen or heard of anyone having problems like
that for DAYS!?!?!   Am I missing something?

  I guess I'm just looking at what I have dealt with in the past and the
outcome of those situations.  I do know that most customers will not
tolerate service like that and would switch ISPs in a heartbeat.  If I had
taken on the task of keeping up these stats and my ISP had gone to shit for
WAY to long, I personally would call up another ISP and get an account
setup!  Even if it was only for a month - I'd have my net access and
probably wouldn't have paid much more (if any) for it than I would have
paid at my original ISP anyway.  (Not that I would pay my original ISP shit
for this downtime period!)

  I know you are going to find something wrong with this message as well,
so if you decide to reply please do it in private mail since this is
becoming rather off-topic.  

>Lets say Nugget was upset and formatted the NT boxes's hardrive. That
>would be the reason. Let's say he couldn't figure out how to fix it. That
>would be the reason. There is no need to lie. The problem is his ISP.

  Then for the love of God find another ISP for the rest of the month like
I said above!  If I knew I had taken on a task like this and tens of
thousands of people were wondering what in the hell was going on then
believe me - I'd fix it somehow!

>Get over it!

  Get over what?  I could personally care less what he does about his ISP.
Like I've said over and over...if you are going to take on a task like
these damn stats, maybe you should look at other options when your ISP has
problems instead of waiting for them to come around.  If you don't care and
you're going to sit around and wait then maybe a secondary stats maintainer
should be looked into (like someone suggested earlier today).

>Daniel Baker (dbaker at cuckoo.com)
>Chief Technology and Executive Officer -- CuckooNet! >(http://www.cuckoo.com)

On a helpful note...You might want to check on your page there... I
couldn't get anything out of it but a black screen, some images that didn't
load and the phrase "The door is open...come on in".


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