[RC5] What's up with Stats?

Michael Conwell mbcwam at anet-stl.com
Tue Nov 18 22:30:45 EST 1997

I feel the real point of the conversation is the lack of communication.  It
doesn't take long to update a web page with some sort of news.  If stats
are off line, shouldn't Bovine post something that says so?  If I knew what
was going on, then I would be less antsy.

My $.02 only.

>Matt, questioning my honesty, had this to say:
>>Were there really that bad of bandwidth problems???
>Yes.  Of course.  We were running the stats on a 128K ISDN link and trying
>to handle as many as three hits per second.  Every single one of the
>thousands of people who tried patiently to use the stats server before it
>was moved to its grand new home at best.net can verify this for you.
>>Now the person doing the stats is have ISP problems???  For some reason I
>>doubt that whoever this person is doing business with for their ISP hasn't
>>been able to get them connected to the net for this long.
>I am "that person".  You may doubt all you want.  That doesn't change the
>fact that my ISP has been having some major problems the past week.
>>That's not much of an ISP as far as I'm concerned!
>Great.  Nobody is asking you to use my ISP.
>>It doesn't take DAYS for an ISP to get someone online that is having
>>problems getting connected
>Sometimes it does.  Case in point, my own situation.  Except for the fact
>that I am not having problems getting connected.  As has been explained
>repeatedly, I was getting 2000ms+ ping times.
>>I wonder what the real story is here?
>Simply because you do not have all the facts does not mean that there is
>deception involved.  The real story is, of course, exactly what has been
>explained here several times.  I'm happy for you that your ISP has never
>been in the situation that my ISP is in.  It's also very enlightening to
>hear that if you were in my situation, you would handle it differently that
>I have.
>This, however, doesn't mean much of anything.  For a variety or reasons
>that are neither interesting nor on topic for this list, I've decided to
>ride out the present problems that my ISP is experiencing.
>(less rebuttal, more information in a post to follow immediately)
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