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At 10:11 PM 11/18/97 -0600, you wrote:

FROM THIS POINT ON TAKE THIS TO PRIVATE MAIL (since you apparently missed
me saying that in the last message)

>"A compy that spends the money" ? What kind of company gets a T3 for free? If
>a company has a T3, I'll be you dollars to donuts, they're paying for it.

Here is a homework assignment for you - get a spell checker.

What was the point of that paragraph?  You agreed with everything that I
said!  I know damn well that they are paying for it - that is what I said!
Why don't YOU read it over about four times?  I didn't say anyone gets a T3
for free!  I said that a company that spends the money (hence: on their T3
lines) that I'm SURE they do wouldn't have problems like this from their
providers or the phone company - around here the phone company kinda sets
priorities towards the folks that are paying them LOTS of money...when
something breaks - it gets fixed QUICK.

>Yes.  You apparently don't have as much "experience with routing, line,
>company and ISP problems" as you think you do.  Apparently you have
>with ditching ISPs for new ones, but you don't have any experience with
>designing networks, engineering networks, implementing networks, running
>networks, debugging networks, and fixing networks.

Actually, no.  I've been on the same ISP for about five years.  Not only
that but I setup an ISP here in Nashville last summer that is still
running, still making money, and hasn't had jack shit for problems.

>>   I know you are going to find something wrong with this message as well,
>> so if you decide to reply please do it in private mail since this is
>> becoming rather off-topic.  

Let me highlight that for you since you apparently missed it the first time.
>I'd like to see you design a stats system.

Did I say that I could or would want to design a stats system?  Nope.

>> On a helpful note...You might want to check on your page there... I
>> couldn't get anything out of it but a black screen, some images that didn't
>> load and the phrase "The door is open...come on in".

>I don't know why you stand for that! Get yourself a new ISP!!!!

Don't know why I stand for what?  What in the hell are you talking about?
Like I said - I've been on the same ISP for YEARS and it never has problems
nearly as bad as this 2000ms bullshit!  I have setup four pops for my ISP
and have done all of the router, USR TotalControl, and server
configurations - so kiss my ass if you don't think I know how to do it.

>It's called "I deleted the fucking webpage". You're apparently seeing
>some of the remains.

Welp, so much for that being a helpful note.  Deleted the main web page of
your ISP? Uhhhhh..... Okay......


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