[RC5] What's up with Stats?

The Man theman at fallout.dyndns.com
Tue Nov 18 21:00:51 EST 1997

Michael Conwell wrote:

> I feel the real point of the conversation is the lack of communication.  It
> doesn't take long to update a web page with some sort of news.  If stats
> are off line, shouldn't Bovine post something that says so?  If I knew what
> was going on, then I would be less antsy.

They have. The page at rc5stats.distributed.net (or rc5.best.net) says the
stats are offline to increase the speed of the database update. Isn't it
about time to stop rehashing the same things over and over again? Stats,
source, communication, stats, source, conspiracy theories. Flames and
redundant threads don't crunch keys. We're all professionals; let's act like

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