[RC5] My head is going to explode...

Ray Vanlandingham jamesrv at awod.com
Wed Nov 19 02:24:38 EST 1997

>        On a stupider note, are you guys morons?  I don't wish to often any
>of you non-moron people out there cause i know that's a majority of you but
>how the heck is the source code exactly going to help you if someone somehow
>sneaked a trojan client onto the FTP site.  You would still have the code
>for the correct client but the one you downloaded would be the hacked
>version which is bent on computer domination!?!?  Tell me i'm missing
>something cause the problem looks really simple to me, there is none!!  
>                                                                    -Killer

Umm, download the source code. Proof it. Compile it. Run it. Where's the
problem? Doesn't sound the least bit moronic to me...as a matter of fact,
it seems pretty obvious.

Ray Vanlandingham

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