[RC5] How are kkeys/sec rates calculated?

Thomas Pedoussaut TPedoussaut at webnet.fr
Wed Nov 19 16:17:57 EST 1997

> I read the FAQs on the website, but didn't find a specific answer to
> this question.
> I assume that each completed block sent to the server has inside it the
> time it took to complete it?  So then, how are the "Overall Rate" and
> "yesterday...at a sustained rate of" statistics calculated?  Seeing the
> equations would be really helpful.
> Great to see the stats up this morning!  Thanks for the work.  The number
> of blocks for our team matches our records very closely!

I don't think it gives the time to complete it but a day is 24 hours 
long. So if you've, like me 3 computers, One calculating 150 
kkeys/sec 24h/24 , the second 100 kkeys/sec 12h/24 and the third 300 
kkeys/sec 12h/24 you get an average of 350 kkeys/sec for "yesterday"
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