[RC5] client protocol security

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Wed Nov 19 10:27:11 EST 1997

>Adam Rotaru-Varga wrote:
>>I suppose there must be
>> some authorization/encoding scheme, otherwise anyone could connect and
>> give some fake replies (like "I completed this-and-this block" when in
>> reality it didn't).

Then Richard T. Freeman wrote:
>If there is some way to get around these limitations let me know...

Which reminded me that I sent a note about this sort of problem back before
the big outage.  So at the risk of being redundant, I'll reprint it here.

The debate about malicious use of the source code -- hogging blocks,
returning false results -- has been "interesting" but may be missing a
useful point.  While being a "bad guy" in the RC5-64 effort might be
interesting from a technical viewpoint, it seems to me that it would
quickly bore the short-sighted in.duh.vidual that might try it.

But what about the other distributed processing proposals, like the
proposed distributed chess engine?  I can imagine a heated contest between
distributed teams, and someone gets upset/drunk/stupid enough to attempt to
sabotage the other team's processing by returning incorrect results.

This could be avoided by double-checking all results (like sending each
block twice to different nodes), but of course that would double the
processing time.  What if one query out of each batch were a "check" query,
one that is sent to
multiple clients?  A non-matching result could flag the administrator to
find out what's going on -- malicious intent or corrupted client?  The
productivity loss would be a fraction of the loss incurred by
double-checking everything.

You could come up with any number of variations on this theme; even a
sliding scale of trust (full double-checking for new clients down to little
or no checking for long-time trusted clients).

(thanks for your patience)

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