[RC5] 2000ms ping times to best.com?

Christiaan cstoudt at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 17 18:21:41 EST 1997

I would say you were right in that respect, but I fear not. 

Here at EarthLink we have many more T3s than best.com and even at times I could get a 2000+ ping rate. 

If Nugget's ISP was having problems one jump or two into the trace to best.com this will cause bad pings no matter what their total bandwidth is. Remember how many routers we all go through on the Internet. 

Wouldn't be the first time I have seen the bigger ISPs have problems because of a misconfigured router or one that gets too much traffic.


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Either way, if my ISP couldn't ping best.com in less than a few
milliseconds - I'd be gone!  Best.com has somewhere in the neighborhood of
five (5) fiber optic T3 lines and ANYONE should be able to get to them
FAST!  If his 'ISP' couldn't get to them in less than 2000ms then I think
the joke is on us and this is another excuse.  No one would be dumb enough
to have an ISP that couldn't even ping one of the fastest ISPs in the
country in less than a few milliseconds.

I don't mean to give the Bovine / Distributed people grief but these delays
and excuses are beginning to sound rather ridiculous.

Matt Coleman
Nashville, Tennessee

>I thought the problem wasn't getting online, it was delays between his ISP
>the site the stats have moved to.  I remember seeing something about 2000ms
>ping times or something...  Anyway, let's give them a break for a few days
>guys!  They'll get everything working.

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