[RC5] Number of Participants Stats

Dan Retzlaff dan at wcug.wwu.edu
Wed Nov 19 10:32:39 EST 1997

First off, a sincere thanks for getting the stats back up!

The statistic I'd be most interested to see, though, is a visual graph
of Number of Participants vs. Time. Not only would it be a handy stat
for extrapolating future involvement (and possibly more accurate
time-frame projections), but it'd be interesting for purposes of
watching the effort, as an Internet entity, grow in membership and
popularity. Perhaps compare our growth rate to some stat for the growth
rate of the Internet to see if the idea's truly catching on...

Sure, the percentage of keyspace exhausted is interesting, but I don't
expect this (very) slowly growing percentage to be nearly as interesting
as the percentage growth of interest in this distributed computing
effort in general.

Does anybody else share my sentiments?
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