[RC5] Number of Participants Stats

James Byers jwb19 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 19 14:03:39 EST 1997

	I, too, would love to see this statistic.  However, it is a *very* hard
quantity to measure.  Just as the number of in-use IP addresses in the
world does not correlate to how many people are using the Internet, there
does not seem to be a good way to measure how many users are working on the
d.n project.  A few of the problems:

	- Checking how many IP addresses report to the proxies does not account
for machines behind firewalls / proxy servers.
	- Counting email addresses does not account for individuals using a team
or group email address (i.e. rc5 at linuxnet.org).
	- Number of downloads of the clients... etc, etc.	

	So, it would be a very interesting exercise to measure the growth; just
not one made feasible by the information at hand.  Perhaps v3 will solve
this? :)  Perhaps the one way would be to force each client to be
registered with some uniquely assigned code from d.n, though this brings
along with it a whole horde of other complications.

	James Byers	

>The statistic I'd be most interested to see, though, is a visual graph
>of Number of Participants vs. Time. 
James Byers                                   
jwb19 at cornell.edu
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