[RC5] Holding blocks hostage

Christiaan cstoudt at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 19 09:17:59 EST 1997

Well today's word of the day from: Wordsmith [wsmith at wordsmith.org]

dis.dain v. i. To be filled with scorn; to feel contemptuous anger;
   to be haughty. 

dis.dain n. [OE. desdain, disdein, OF. desdein, desdaing, F. d['e]dain,
   fr. the verb. See Disdain, v. t.] 1. A feeling of contempt and
   aversion; the regarding anything as unworthy of or beneath one; scorn. 

dis.dain v. t. [OE.  disdainen, desdainen, OF. desdeigner, desdaigner,
   F. d['e]daigner; des- (L. dis-) + daigner to deign, fr. L. dignari
   to deem worthy. See Deign.] 1. To think unworthy; to deem unsuitable
   or unbecoming; as, to disdain to do a mean act. 


Somehow I think this fits how sometimes these threads just go a little too far and attack each other too much...


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Christopher Hodson (Consultant) wrote:
> OK, after much deliberation, I 've decided that as an act of good faith,
> I will release 1 block per day until the source code is freed.

Wow, what a hero.  RC5-64 will be saved!

Maybe you didn't get the gist of what people were saying.  A) You're a
moron, and B) The rest of the world doesn't care about your blocks.

> p.s. As one of the developers who does not own a Porsche, I would like
> one
> of those as well.

Developer of what?
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