[RC5] Sun 3/60 client?

Kwoody kwoody at citytel.net
Wed Nov 19 11:19:30 EST 1997

(almost afraid to post here after seeing the antics of this list but here 

I have a couple of machines running clients. A dx2/66 w/FreeBSD and a 
Cyrix 166+ w/95. Both run 24 hours a day. I have the BSD machine setup 
via cron to dial out and flush/fetch new blocks every 24 hours. (it does 
about 20 blocks/24h)

My FBSD machine is setup as a gateway for my 95 box. As I use the gui 
client for this box, is it possbile to have it flush/fetch blocks when 
the cron job runs on the bsd machine? Or do I have to switch clients on 
the 95 box to do this automagically?

I have the win95 box setup for 100 blocks a time since its way 
faster....about 18 mins to a block and I flush/fetch manually.

And lastly I also ahve a couple of 3/60's humming away in the basement 
for entertainment purposes (again my FBSD box acts as a gateway for them) 
and would like to run clients on them...are they availible for SunOS 
4.1.0 on a 3/60? I see there are clients for Suns, but they look to be 
only for sparcs.

kwoody at citytel.net
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