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Peter A. DeNitto denitto at llamas.net
Wed Nov 19 15:44:42 EST 1997

I got this in the rc5help mailbox on monday... Didn't think it would be
relevant... but...

Help Crack Government Encryption - Join the Bovine Project: www.distributed.net
The cows are tromping all over America. Cows can replicate. They're
being born all over the world. There's plenty of beef available!
		-- US Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Ca)

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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 16:45:40 -0500
From: Christopher Parrish <cat at thepoint.net>
To: alde at llamas.net
Subject: rawhide...

Crunchin' Crunchin' Crunchin'
Though the T3's are swollin'
Keep them doggies Crunchin' R5,
Though I/O and math and weather,
Hell bent for cracking,
Wishing my gal was by my side,
All those things I'm missing 
good loving and kissin' 
are waiting at the end of my ride.

cat at thepoint.net
5023469072 at alphapage.airtouch.com

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