[RC5] Theme Song for RC5

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Wed Nov 19 15:14:54 EST 1997

>>     The Cows with Guns home page is...
>>         http://cowswithguns.com/
>>     The song is copyrighted and can be purchased.
>	Did not know this, now I will try to locally track down the CD to buy!

If you can't find it locally, try the following URL to get it from CDnow:


It's $13.99, and it's in stock!

(obligatory disclaimer follows)
If you use that URL, I get a 5% kickback which I would gladly donate to the
cause, if there were enough orders.  Unfortunately, it's in the form of
store credit. :(  Any suggestions on converting CDnow store credit into
RC5-64 support would be welcome!

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