[RC5] Problem...need help...please...

Kergosien, Gregory G. GGKergosien at eden.trevecca.edu
Wed Nov 19 15:27:57 EST 1997

I'm going to apologize up front for this being off topic, but I need
help with something.

I want a file to run every time I start windows under different network
logins. I can do this by putting it in the win.ini in the load or run
command, but that's not my problem. The computer has access restrictions
on most users so they can only run certain program names. This is fine,
I usually just rename the program to an unrestricted name (ie.
notepad.exe). The problem lies in that the program I want to run is a
dos based one (I think it's called a win32 or something such) and it
wont run it under normal circumstances...so as I see it I have two
possible avenues...

1. Does anyone know how to load a file whenever windows logs in before
the access restrictions are set (I'm not sure...all I know is that I
tried putting it in the autoexec and it didn't stay resident).

2. Does anyone know how to make a win32 (right?) run the same as

As you can see, I have some knowledge in this area, but some large gaps.
If there's anyone adept at windows95 and hopefully networking, I'd
greatly appreciate the help.
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