[RC5] Stats servers needing some ram?

maverick maverick at ninja.techwood.org
Wed Nov 19 16:18:55 EST 1997

At 11:08 AM 11/19/97 -0600, you wrote:

Not trying to get flamed again but I just now got this message while trying
to look at a team:

Error Performing Query

     [State=37000][Error=701][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL
Server]There is
     insufficient system memory to run this query. 

>A couple of minor points:
>o It's not an issue of capacity planning.  I did not expect the 128K
>   ISDN link to be sufficient at all.  It just happens to be all I have
>   to work with.  Once it became a critical issue, we fixed it.  Most
>   (if not all) the past, current, and future problems surrounding the
>   stats server have been/are/will be simply capacity issues, as you've
>   said.  Fortunately, capacity issues are typically the easiest type
>   of problem to solve.  Insufficient bandwidth?  Throw a handful of T3's
>   at it.  Huge logs?  Throw a handful of SCSI drives into the fray.
>   Granted, it's not always that simple, but if I could have all my
>   problems confined to mere capacity issues, I'd be a happy man.

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