[RC5] Holding blocks hostage

The CrapHead! craphead at techie.com
Wed Nov 19 23:00:44 EST 1997

> >Incorrect.  There is no timeout on keys as of right now.  However, the 3000
> >keys he's holding are irrelevant either way, as the likelihood of them
> >being the winning ones is quite small.
> Actually, I'd be willing to bet it's about zero.
More exactly, it's about 0.000000000000016263%.. ;)

> If you had the winning key and could win money, would YOU hold it
> back, even if you were angry with the contest holders?  I think not.
He won't know if he has the winning key if he does..

> Therefore, his protest is COMPLETELY irrelevant. :)
Yupp.. If he doesn't have the correct key, it won't matter if he sends
it in.. Those blocks will just be skipped for now, and it won't slow
down the search..
If he _does_ have the correct key, which is very unlikely, we will
have to go through all the blocks, and then someone else will find it
when we start reassigning blocks..
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