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Glen Mcbride Glen_Mcbride at BayNetworks.COM
Thu Nov 20 10:03:16 EST 1997

At 14:06 19/11/97 -0600, you wrote:
>On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Geoffrey Carman wrote:
>> I was perusing the MP3 sites around the world, and I came across a song
>> that is a must have for the serious Bovinist!!!
>> 	Cows with Guns! 
>> 	I do not know who sings it, but I love it!!!  I can give it
>> someone to add to a web page if anyone offers. 
>Setting aside for the moment that possession of such files is most often
>illegal under US law, and that there are reasonably powerful organizations
>tied to the recording industry who won't stop at national borders in their
>efforts to make life miserable for those who even HAVE mp3s (let alone
>making them available on web pages)--        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Err, not quite. You can have files in MP3 format (Or WAV or au or aiff or whatever you like) SO LONG AS you also hold the original media from which it was produced. i.e. if you purchased the CD and made an MP3 of it because you like it listen to it on your PC.
I do this all the time as a matter of convenience for myself.

Where its illegal is if you make the abovementioned audio file (format is irrelevant in the context of this discussion) available to download to others. This is piracy.

There are way too many people who scream MP3 is illegal and other mis-informed utterings. This is exactly like saying VHS is illegal. Wrong. Both are carrier mediums.

Anyway, enough on this. If you wish to continue, please email me directly


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