[RC5] 1.5 Macintoshes running RC5-64 :)

Roger A. Tetzlaff tetzlaff at uwyo.edu
Wed Nov 19 19:14:07 EST 1997

Just wanted to say hello to everyone, and remark how great it is to have
Mac Evangelistas topping the charts. :)

I am running the RC5-64 client on my Quadra 840av, completing roughly 10-15
blocks a day in the background.  I wanted to mention, though, that I have
found a FABULOUS use for my "throw away" MacSE (2.5 megs RAM, 20 MB HD,
System 6.0.8).  It sits on a 9600-baud direct serial-line connection to our
campus Unix shell.  The admin of the Unix box (an Sun Ultra Enterprise
5000, six 250 MHZ processors, 1.5 Gigs Ram) lets me run the client, as long
as I keep it at niceness level 0.  I had it running at 2 while the machine
was being readied for campus-wide release, and overnight managed to eat 98%
of CPU time.  That got his attention right quick! :(  Even at "idle
process" level (4 threads running), though, I am averaging 600 blocks a day
and close to 2mkeys/sec.  Not bad for an 8MHz 68000, eh?! ;D

Good luck, and happy trails all...

*        Roger A. Tetzlaff - The University of Wyoming, Laramie WY         *

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