[RC5] nt-alpha-client

rc5 at amazing.ch rc5 at amazing.ch
Thu Nov 20 04:01:00 EST 1997


Just a short message to anybody else as silly as me.

As soon as the nt-alpha-client came out, I installed
it and let it run, but I was disappointed. It did no
work at all. Ok, it passed the -test and the -benchmark
was great, but when run as a service and left alone,
it didn't use any cpu (or at least so little, it showed
up as 0% in the Taskmanager) and it didn't return one
single Block in more than a week...

Well, the client actually works. It's just its pririty
which seems to be too low. I set it to nice-level 1
and now it's crunching away like crazy :)

It even returned 280 finished Blocks right away (but
don't ask me, where it held them. I searched the
whole c: drive for the log/ckpoint-and buffer-file but
didn't find any. So I thought it did nothing all
day long...)

Anyway, now it works and I hope the machines User does
not complain tommorow (who cares about users anyway.
Im a BOFH too :)


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