[RC5] Theme Song for RC5

A. J. Clark adamc at dowco.com
Wed Nov 19 17:44:24 EST 1997

Stephen Langasek wrote:

> Setting aside for the moment that possession of such files is most often
> illegal under US law, and that there are reasonably powerful organizations
> tied to the recording industry who won't stop at national borders in their
> efforts to make life miserable for those who even HAVE mp3s (let alone
> making them available on web pages)--

I doubt there's a whole lot of concern when the whole song is available
in RealAudio formats (both ISDN & 28.8) not only for real-time
listening, but for DOWNLOAD from cowswithguns.com.

I wouldn't worry about the RIAA, FCC, CRTC, or anyone else knocking on
your doors.
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