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Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Wed Nov 19 19:56:38 EST 1997


rc5 at amazing.ch <rc5 at amazing.ch> wrote:

>As soon as the nt-alpha-client came out, I installed
>it and let it run, but I was disappointed. It did no
>work at all. Ok, it passed the -test and the -benchmark
>was great, but when run as a service and left alone,
>it didn't use any cpu (or at least so little, it showed
>up as 0% in the Taskmanager) and it didn't return one
>single Block in more than a week...

AFAIK, NT on Alpha scans through your hard drive for x86 code and
recompiles it into Alpha code during idle time (this is one of the
ways that Digital's FX/32 emulator is so fast).

[Disclaimer: I don't have an Alpha machine myself - this is just what
I've heard. It's still a possible explanation for the Bovine client's
behavior, though.]

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