[RC5] nt-alpha-client

rc5 at amazing.ch rc5 at amazing.ch
Thu Nov 20 05:53:00 EST 1997

On Nov 19 Barry Nathan (barryn at pobox.com) wrote:
> >As soon as the nt-alpha-client came out, I installed
> >it and let it run, but I was disappointed. It did no
> >work at all.
> AFAIK, NT on Alpha scans through your hard drive for x86 code and
> recompiles it into Alpha code during idle time (this is one of the
> ways that Digital's FX/32 emulator is so fast).

That's true, but it's beside the point here. The nt-alpha-client
is alpha native code (no x86emul).

Now my Alpha500 does more than 400kKey/s while the x86-client under
fx/32 did only about 3kKey/s...

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