[RC5] How does the client know?

Eric Folley efolley at ziplink.net
Thu Nov 20 02:13:47 EST 1997

That is, how does the client know when it finds The Key?

I'm not looking for a detailed explication of the algorithm, and I'm not
asking to peek at the source code :), but rather just for a clean and easy
explanation of the basics.

Based on nothing but my own imaginings, I'm guessing that the test for each
key x is quite simple, something along the lines of if x*y=z then..., but
I'm stumped as to where one gets y and z, or whether * is really / or %, etc.

I've been casually looking around, but haven't found what I'm looking for
online, so pointers would be appreciated if you don't feel like typing.


Eric Folley
efolley at ziplink.net
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