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Eric Schaefer es5 at irz301.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Nov 20 10:20:31 EST 1997

> Okay, I may apologize for the potential stupidity of this (I'm up at 4 in
> the morning and listening to the Barenaked Ladies, can you blame me for the
> insanity). But I have been having an odd series of unconnected thoughts.
> 1) Would it be possible to write a client that does the computation using
> floating point numbers and therefore run off the FPU. Off hand I can't
> think of any reason why you couldn't, I was just wondering what kind of
> performance you would get, especially on chips like the PPC 604e that are
> designed for extreme floating point operation. I'm thinking that it would
> still probably be slower, but (at 4 in the morning and now listening to the
> Beegees) I can't think of any kind of legitimate comparison between the CPU
> and FPU (running LibMoto) in real world work.
check the rsa-page for the algorithm and you will see...
it needs a lotta shifting, rotating and stuff. try that on a fpu.
alright, you could do <fmul 2^x>/<fdiv 2^x> for shifting, but it woudn't be
worth the time spent to implement it, would it??

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