[RC5] Spare macs for sale, cheap!

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at kampsax.k-net.dk
Thu Nov 20 12:30:01 EST 1997

Den 20-Nov-97 00:46:29 skrev Wes Shull følgende om "RE: [RC5] Spare macs for sale, cheap!":

> Er, I think these are all '030 machines at best.  And remember the 680x0 
> chips lack a rotate instruction, which makes them (Small) Dog-slow on RC5.

That's wrong. All 680x0 CPU's have left and right rotate instructions.
A 50 MHz 68060 tests 117 kkeys/s, which is about the same as a 200 MHz R4400 CPU
(114 kkeys/s), a 75 MHz Sparc20 (118 kkeys/s), 120 MHz 486DX4 (117 kkeys/s),
a 120 MHz 5x86 (120 kkeys/s), a 90 MHz Pentium (119 kkeys/s).

In efficiency, the 68060 (2.34 (kkeys/s)/MHz) is only beaten by Pentium II
(2.42 (kkeys/s)/MHz), Pentium Pro (2.56 (kkeys/s)/MHz), PowerPC 603e (2.85
(kkeys/s)/MHz and PowerPC 604e (2.95 (kkeys/s)/MHz).

There would not be too much point in buying those old Macs just for RC5
cracking, the 68030 is too slow for that.


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