[RC5] What does this mean?

Robert A. Costner pooh at efga.org
Thu Nov 20 10:50:44 EST 1997

At 08:55 AM 11/20/97 -0600, maverick wrote:
>  I'm sorry if I don't know everything in the world about the MicroSuck SQL
>server...either way - could someone tell me why I've been getting this for
>about the last three hours when trying to load
>Error Performing Query
>     [State=08001][Error=11][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server

Basically this means that we live in a world of instant gratification where
long term goals cannot be easily seen.  A feature rich stats server has
been setup and it looks great.  This server updates stats once every hour
because the thousands of us who use the RC5 cracking client have to see if
our stats have changed in the last few minutes.  Stats that are a day old
just won't do for us.

It is not important whether SQL server is giving a network error or a
memory error or other error.  The problem is that we all need that "stats
fix."  We cannot be content to know that if we are doing 240 keyblocks per
day, obviously our stats have risen by 24 blocks in the last hour - No - we
have to see it online.

This is an odd stance for us to take considering that in some secret place
inside of us we know the cracking effort will take months.  But I run the
stats server page myself.  Hmm... maybe it will work this time - I can't
live without my stats.  I have a friend who has taken all the important
stats and typed them in, twice per day, into his web page so that he and
the world can see the stats. <http://wopr.shorty.com/rc5/stats/local.html>

I can't stand to type.  So I wrote a data mining program that goes to the
distributed.net server and grabs the info I want to see (about 11 teams)
and reformats the data on my web page <http://server1.efga.org/teams.html>.
 Through the miracle of cron, I can hammer away at the stats server to get

Who else is like me?  Do you pour over the stats and compare the rankings
and the two key rate calculations (Yesterday's and overall).  Do you
co-ordinate this with the rankings and determine on which day you will have
which ranking?  Pretty straight forward calculations.

So what does this error message mean?  Simple.  It means we are all hitting
the stats page too much.

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