[RC5] Holding blocks hostage

Dmitriy Bobkov dbobkov at raleigh.ibm.com
Thu Nov 20 11:08:40 EST 1997

That was not a bad movie. :)

Albert.Garrido at nextel.com on 11/19/97 02:38:52 PM

Please respond to rc5 at llamas.net

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Why do all these statements sound suspiciously like a bad movie involving a
 bus. Something along the lines of, 'Your on a bus moving 50 miles per
 hour, and if
it stops, your dead'.

From:   "Skip Huffman" <SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com>[:]
Sent:   Wednesday, November 19, 1997 10:55 AM
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Subject:        Re: [RC5] Holding blocks hostage

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 10:30:13 -0500, Christopher Hodson (Consultant)

>OK, after much deliberation, I 've decided that as an act of good faith,
>I will release 1 block per day until the source code is freed.

I am currently holding 200 unprocessed blocks hostage.  I will process ....

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