[RC5] Win32 Client Crash Side Effects

mikemsd at bellsouth.net mikemsd at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 20 17:42:47 EST 1997

I think there is an option in the ini file for the Win32 GUI client to make
it use a checkpoint file.  If you open up the ini file it will have a line
in it that says "checkpointfile=none".  Probably all you would have to do is
set it to a file name.

mikemsd at bellsouth.net

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Date: Thursday, November 20, 1997 6:19 AM
Subject: Re: [RC5] Win32 Client Crash Side Effects

>>What seems to be happening is that the client
>>loads blocks into memory from the in-buffer, then deletes them from the
>>in-buffer before it has started checking them.  While this is a reasonable
>>way to code the client-in-buffer interaction, isn't there a more robust
>>method?  Such as reading the keyblock from the in-buffer, processing it
>>entirely, then deleting the block from the in-buffer and reading another?
>This would only work in situations where the in buffer is not shared.
>Otherwise, every client would be working on the same block, since it would
>sit there until one of them finished it. When the client starts up, it
>pulls a block from the buff-in. If it is shut down normally, a partially
>completed block is returned to the buff-in.
>Using the checkpoint file to save the block in progress to disk is the way
>to avoid losing a block due to an unexpected loss of your OS. When I run a
>non-gui client, I use rc564 -cktime 1 so that it saves to disk every
>minute. At most, I will lose 59 seconds of work, in case of a crash.
>However, if your app is being run from a shared directory, you absolutely
>cannot use a checkpoint file, as sharing it will result in lots of
>unpleasantness. Now if the Win32 GUI and Mac client could actually use
>checkpoint files, I might acutally be able to benefit from this feature.
>It's only marginally ironic that the two most used clients lack this vital
>feature, especially since their OS's are notoriously the most crash-prone.
>Oh well. Participating in distributed.net is all about learning to do
>without, eh.
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