[RC5] buff-in file structure

kmclaurin at akashic.com kmclaurin at akashic.com
Thu Nov 20 20:18:12 EST 1997

I would like to make the buff-in file hold more blocks for week long crunch 
>From looking at the file, it looks like a 4 byte word with 64, followed by a 
32 bit word
with the number of blocks. Then each key block consists of 124 bytes -- so 
it be possible to combine 2 buff-in files by adding the second files key 
blocks to the end
of the first file and updating the 2nd 32 bit word to indicate the total 
number of blocks?

I am concerned about byte order / byte sex / big endian constraints but 
believe that
this is NOT important since Macs and Wintels can use the same buff files.

Another use would to be combine old block files with new ones to purge those 
blocks from the LIFO effects.
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