[RC5] question from a non-programmer

Yong Sweah Liang yongsl at midas.com.sg
Fri Nov 21 16:20:28 EST 1997

>>i have two mac os boxes; the slower is running a dial-up connection, and
>>thus, it is the one checking the blocks and sending them to the server.
>>considering, is there a way to get the other machine (connected through
>>ethernet) to contribute to the rc5 effort?? (i'll more than double my keys
>>per day)

If you are not familiar with moving the files around, I suggest you run 
RC5 from a diskette.  
Copy the RC5-642.001+ folder to a diskette, and run it from your slow Mac 
to grab the buffer for about 200 - 500 blocks.  Then take the diskette to 
your faster Mac and run the RC5-64 Client.  You can select the Client>Run 
Offline from the menu.  However, if you didn't do that, the client will 
try to flush the blocks to the server after about 20 times of failure to 
send, the client will turn itself into the Offline mode.

After finished will the blocks, take the diskette to your slower Mac, run 
the RC5-64 Client, flush the completed blocks and fetch for new blocks.  
Hope the above method work for you :)

Happy cracking!
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