[RC5] question from a non-programmer

tom allain maniac at stimuli.com
Fri Nov 21 00:44:19 EST 1997

>The best way to do this would be to run a personal proxy on the slower
>machine.  The slower machine would download and distribute blocks to the
>faster machine and the faster machine would report the blocks to the slower
>machine, much like the slower machine does currently with the main proxies.

yeah - this sounds great i think i'll do that now how do i..

> Unfortunately, there isn't a MacOS proxy available yet, so you can't do
>this quite yet.


>You could, on the other hand, copy and/or share buff-in and buff-out files
>between processes on the two machines.  For example, you could download 200
>blocks into "buff-in" on the slower machine, and move that file to the
>faster machine.  When the faster machine finished, you could move the
>"buff-out" file to the slower machine (being careful not to move the
>existing file to a safe place) and then flush the outgoing blocks from the
>slower machine.  Move the old buff-out file back, and everything is great.

i'll give it a try.

thanks very much.

there is a possibility i'll upgrade to isdn soon, and as long as i have a
router (with the isdn or software), i'll be able to run the 2nd machine
independently, with its own flush&fetch, right?



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