[RC5] d.net progress

Ryan Dumperth woodie at indy.net
Fri Nov 21 07:14:12 EST 1997

As wrapped up as everyone gets in individual and team stats, I just thought
I'd mention that yesterday, distributed.net checked over 2.5 million
blocks, that's 29 blocks every second. Right now we're about 50% faster
than we were at the end of RC5-56 and show no signs of slowing. Despite all
the bumps, we continue to expand what is easily the largest computer on
earth. Yesterday's speed was the equivalent of about 16,000 PPro/200's. We
are all part of something truly amazing. Don't be surprised if we start to
get some genuine interest from folks who could put our power to work on
real-world problems. Congratulations to everyone involved on the great


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