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Geoffrey Carman geoffc at yorku.ca
Fri Nov 21 08:05:15 EST 1997

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Ryan Dumperth wrote:

> As wrapped up as everyone gets in individual and team stats, I just thought
> I'd mention that yesterday, distributed.net checked over 2.5 million
> blocks, that's 29 blocks every second. Right now we're about 50% faster
> than we were at the end of RC5-56 and show no signs of slowing. Despite all
> the bumps, we continue to expand what is easily the largest computer on
> earth. Yesterday's speed was the equivalent of about 16,000 PPro/200's. We
> are all part of something truly amazing. Don't be surprised if we start to
> get some genuine interest from folks who could put our power to work on
> real-world problems. Congratulations to everyone involved on the great
> progress.

	You know, I thought one of the rationals for this contest was to
demonstrate how a loosly organized group of idlers could break what the US
government considers sufficient encryption.

	And that therefore, an organized movemnet by a foriegn power or
commercail interest would do a better/faster job...

	The example I recall is the NSA's 8192 CPU PPro 200 box.  So if
our stats show we are cracking at twice that rate, and we are doing a tiny
tiny tiny fractionof the keyspace daily, would that not show, that 64 bit
ss probably ok for the very near future?

	A computer without Windows is like a fish without a bicycle.

Geoffrey Carman
geoffc at yorku.ca

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