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Perry Lucas perry3 at usit.net
Fri Nov 21 08:29:38 EST 1997

At 08:05 AM 11/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Ryan Dumperth wrote:
>> As wrapped up as everyone gets in individual and team stats, I just thought
>> I'd mention that yesterday, distributed.net checked over 2.5 million
>> blocks, that's 29 blocks every second. Right now we're about 50% faster
>> than we were at the end of RC5-56 and show no signs of slowing. Despite all
>> the bumps, we continue to expand what is easily the largest computer on
>> earth. Yesterday's speed was the equivalent of about 16,000 PPro/200's. We
>> are all part of something truly amazing. Don't be surprised if we start to
>> get some genuine interest from folks who could put our power to work on
>> real-world problems. Congratulations to everyone involved on the great
>> progress.
>	You know, I thought one of the rationals for this contest was to
>demonstrate how a loosly organized group of idlers could break what the US
>government considers sufficient encryption.
>	And that therefore, an organized movemnet by a foriegn power or
>commercail interest would do a better/faster job...
>	The example I recall is the NSA's 8192 CPU PPro 200 box.  So if
>our stats show we are cracking at twice that rate, and we are doing a tiny
>tiny tiny fractionof the keyspace daily, would that not show, that 64 bit
>ss probably ok for the very near future?

Hmmm, not really.  About a two weeks ago, someone did a calculation of that
it would be taking 55,000 (circa) days at the current key rate then.  Doing
that same calculation now at 29 blocks per second, or 2,505,600 blocks per
day, comes out to 27,406 days left or 75 years.  
	So, chopping off 75 years in a two week period is a significant impact
especially if we keep growing at a sustained rate.  This is of course
assuming that we exhaust the entire keyspace.

--Perry Lucas

P.S.  Any errors in math can be attributed to the Win95 calculator.
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