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Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Fri Nov 21 11:17:44 EST 1997

Kevin van Haaren (KvanHaaren at HNTB.com), on 11/21/97 9:37 AM, wrote the 

>Yeah but I don't care about the stats server.  Its my link that I don't
>want overloaded.  I'm sick of the graphics on the top 100, I just wanted
>to see those incredibly large numbers on that page.  Guess I'll just
>stop looking at the top 100.

Here's an easy solution to the (admittedly rather frustrating) problem of 
all the IMG tags on the top 100 page... turn off the images in your 

Seriously, it's gotten to that point on my machine. I'm running with a 
33.6, and I just can't stand to wait five or more minutes for a single 
page to download. It gives the IMPRESSION that the stats server is 
running very slow... but when I turned off the images in my browser... 
zoom! ;)

Nugget and others have told us that the stats server is EXTREMELY busy. I 
believe that! That also means that the servers those images are sitting 
on are now EXTREMELY busy (not AS busy, I recognize, but busy 
nonetheless). I know that I had an img tag in my team DESCRIPTION, and 
that file shot up in my daily log analysis, on my server, almost to the 
top (number of hits)... and that was without having it in the name, where 
it would be accessed much more frequently.


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