[RC5] question from a non-programmer

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Fri Nov 21 09:21:32 EST 1997

     Can either of these machines advertise itelf over AppleTalk to the 
     other?  Is there some fileserver somewhere that they can both connect 
     to?  If so, then put the RC5 directory where both of the machines can 
     see it and have them run it from the shared directory.  Configure the 
     one machine to run Offline and the other (with the modem) to run 
     The slower machine will dial up whenever the buff-in is exhausted or 
     the buff-out is "full".  The faster machine will just grab blocks out 
     of the buff-in and put the results in the buff-out, without trying to 
     connect to the proxy network...
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu
     [... who did this during RC5-56, but doesn't have to anymore...]

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Subject: Re: [RC5] question from a non-programmer 
Author:  <rc5 at llamas.net > at SMTP
Date:    1997/11/21 02:49

>The best way to do this would be to run a personal proxy on the slower 
>machine.  The slower machine would download and distribute blocks to the 
>faster machine and the faster machine would report the blocks to the slower 
>machine, much like the slower machine does currently with the main proxies.
yeah - this sounds great i think i'll do that now how do i..
> Unfortunately, there isn't a MacOS proxy available yet, so you can't do 
>this quite yet.
>You could, on the other hand, copy and/or share buff-in and buff-out files 
>between processes on the two machines.  For example, you could download 200 
>blocks into "buff-in" on the slower machine, and move that file to the 
>faster machine.  When the faster machine finished, you could move the 
>"buff-out" file to the slower machine (being careful not to move the 
>existing file to a safe place) and then flush the outgoing blocks from the 
>slower machine.  Move the old buff-out file back, and everything is great.
i'll give it a try.
thanks very much.
there is a possibility i'll upgrade to isdn soon, and as long as i have a 
router (with the isdn or software), i'll be able to run the 2nd machine 
independently, with its own flush&fetch, right?
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