[RC5] Win32: feature creep

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Fri Nov 21 10:40:58 EST 1997

>First, I realize that the policy is that the client should not be run on
>machines without approval from the owners, but I go to a *rather* large
>school with vast computing facilities and no one would really notice. 
>And besides, the client wouldn't have all of these stealth features if
>it wasn't expected to be used surreptitiously...

Yeah, and Win95 wouldn't have the ability to hide programs unless they
*wanted* it to be used, and executables wouldn't be able to be modified
unless they were *supposed* to host viruses...

>There are literally hundreds of computers here which could be utilized
>if this were implemented.

<include #stddisclaimer.h, #sarcasm.h>

Why not just take it the next step... there are millions of computers
around the *world* wasting valuable CPU cycles.  You should create the
RC5-64 virus!  Think of it; instead of just reproducing, or reproducing and
destroying the FAT on Feb 29, or sending a message to your "girlfriend"
(who actually hates your geeky guts), the RC5-64 virus could crunch numbers
as it waits for a chance to upload.

Hey, figure out how to do it in a M$ Word macro, and you can make it

Of course, when you go to Bovine to pick up your $1,000 check, you may be
greeted by Uncle Sam's favorite nephew, John Law...

>What keeps me from installing this client on every machine on campus is
>that I have to put my email address in the settings and, should the
>client be discovered and not well received, I have left a perfect
>calling card.

<onhighhorse length=short>

What *should* keep you from installing the client on every machine is some
semblance of good sense!

Although I love this project partly because of its "hack appeal", we've got
to stay aware of the impact an action like this may have on the real
purpose behind the fun; demonstrating the weaknesses of watered-down crypto
tech.  If the media can brand us as a bunch of "hackers" (like the media
has a clue what that really means), it dilutes the message.


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