[RC5] d.net progress

Chris Arguin Chris.Arguin at unh.edu
Fri Nov 21 12:23:42 EST 1997

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Dmitriy Bobkov wrote:

> The idea is not to build the supercomputer to crack the keys, but to
> "recycle" idle time to do something usefull. I'm sure (almost sure) that
> there are no ppl who bought the PPro only for the purpose of cracking the
> Rc5. But all of the cycles that are not being used on the PC is combined in
> waht's called "Distributed.net"

I think we all have different reasons. For myself, I've always hated that
my machine has so much wasted power. So I am glad to donate it's idle
time. Before distributed.net, I would write simple programs to occupy it,
like calculating primes or other equally useless task (I say useless
because the primes I was calculating had already been done).

Other people want to show up the government, break encryption, or to build
the fastest computer. In fact, I also like the idea of turning the
internet into the world's fastest computing entity. If nothing else, it
sounds cool :)

BTW, if I saw a bare-bones 486 for cheap enough, I would buy it for the
dual-purposes of using it as a gateway and to run distributed.net. I
wouldn't bother buying it just for the gateway, but to get the extra
processing power... 

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