[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Kwoody kwoody at citytel.net
Fri Nov 21 12:33:11 EST 1997

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, steve,,, wrote:

> 68020's, with 68881 fpu's, which in my book are terribly slow, doubly
> so for this application :) , i'm also running a Mac IIsi with 68882 fpu
> and it's only getting 5kkeys/sec , i dont imagine these 3/60's would even
> match that... they do however make good space heaters, and it's getting
> to be the time of the year where i heat my dorm entirely with 
> compute cycles ( im not kidding about this either, i've got 9 machines
> stuffed into my dorm, and its around 30 something outside, and im just
> toasty :) )

Wow then they are *really slow* then. I thought they were at least faster 
than a mac. Lets see if you MacII is only getting 5kkeys/s and my 486/66 
is getting ave about 63kkeys/sec then its must take...umm well a long 
time for the mac to do a block. :)

It takes just over an hour for the 486 to do a block. Hour and 10 mins 

9 machines is a healthy number. I had 5 at one point but the wife got a 
little, lets say annoyed, and can only have two at a time upstairs. So 
the basement has become a dumping ground to some degree.

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