[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Fri Nov 21 16:59:46 EST 1997

Kevin van Haaren (KvanHaaren at HNTB.com), on 11/21/97 4:36 PM, wrote the following:

>Ack I've got a TRS-80 model 100 laptop (80 character by 8line LCD
>display).  Don't remember what chip it's got, but I've still got the
>tape player & it has a built in 300 baud modem.

We really should subject of this thread to:

     "Distributed Computing in a Museum"


I wonder if people realize that the time it takes to type out a letter and send it to this list, combined with the time spent by every one to download and read the letter, all of which slows down the client marginally, FAR FAR MORE than makes up for any speed increase that an incredibly old machine would provide to the effort.

I say this in hopes of educating some people: instead of asking for a client for a machine that might produce 1 to 10 kkeys/sec (or even less, like an electric typewriter), do two things:
     € don't send the letter
     € work on bringing just ONE other person into the effort, 
       someone with a computer that can process more than 100kkeys/sec

Even if a client was written, as a result of your request, for a machine (that doesn't already have one) that can only produce a few kkeys/sec, it won't make up for the hundreds (thousands?) of computers which were slowed down by the process of downloading your letter. I realize that I've contributed to this by sending this letter, but I will have done more good than harm if I can stop just two people from posting this sort of thing.

You do more good to the project by NOT asking for clients for electric typewriters and TI calculators and TRS-80's with 300 baud modems and digital thermometers, Nintendos and Gameboys and WHATEVER.

I'm going to get flamed for this, aren't I? ;)


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