[RC5] Historical perspective

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Fri Nov 21 17:04:55 EST 1997

If my understanding is correct, a one-time-pad system would provide this
ability.  However, if you wanted to "prove" that your message said,
"bread, milk, dog food, lettuce", rather than, "I have suitcase nukes to
sell", you'd have to throw some computation at finding the key that
decrypted the ciphertext into the innocuous plaintext of your choosing.
I'm not sure if this would be as expensive as finding a hash collision
over a really, really big table space or not.


> Along the same lines... Is there an encryption technique in which the
> given the encrypted message, you could generate any decrpyted message,
> by varying the key? What I mean is, if you had the message
> "IUhiosahfi879*^*(^hs;", and you tried brute force on it, you could get
> back (amoung a lot of garbage) "Sell my stock", "Don't sell my stock", and
> "Millenium Hand and Shrimp"

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