[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Kevin van Haaren KvanHaaren at HNTB.com
Fri Nov 21 16:25:07 EST 1997

ahh you're no fun.

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> Kevin van Haaren (KvanHaaren at HNTB.com), on 11/21/97 4:36 PM, wrote the
> following:
> >Ack I've got a TRS-80 model 100 laptop (80 character by 8line LCD
> >display).  Don't remember what chip it's got, but I've still got the
> >tape player & it has a built in 300 baud modem.
> We really should subject of this thread to:
>      "Distributed Computing in a Museum"
> :)
> I wonder if people realize that the time it takes to type out a letter
> and send it to this list, combined with the time spent by every one to
> download and read the letter, all of which slows down the client
> marginally, FAR FAR MORE than makes up for any speed increase that an
> incredibly old machine would provide to the effort.
> I say this in hopes of educating some people: instead of asking for a
> client for a machine that might produce 1 to 10 kkeys/sec (or even
> less, like an electric typewriter), do two things:
>      € don't send the letter
>      € work on bringing just ONE other person into the effort, 
>        someone with a computer that can process more than 100kkeys/sec
> Even if a client was written, as a result of your request, for a
> machine (that doesn't already have one) that can only produce a few
> kkeys/sec, it won't make up for the hundreds (thousands?) of computers
> which were slowed down by the process of downloading your letter. I
> realize that I've contributed to this by sending this letter, but I
> will have done more good than harm if I can stop just two people from
> posting this sort of thing.
> You do more good to the project by NOT asking for clients for electric
> typewriters and TI calculators and TRS-80's with 300 baud modems and
> digital thermometers, Nintendos and Gameboys and WHATEVER.
> I'm going to get flamed for this, aren't I? ;)
> Seth
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