[RC5] Theme Cow for rc5 (HERD!!!!)

Gerry Ellington ellingtg at mail.cvn.net
Fri Nov 21 17:35:26 EST 1997

On 04:11 PM 11/21/97 -0600 David McNett wrote in cyberspace:

>This is false.  The MPP 1000C (or, later 1000E) was a whopping 450bps!
>It could be set to any baud rate from 110-450.  The 1000C was actually
>a bit "off" and a setting of 300 was closer to 303, causing connection
>difficulties from time to time and most software, when configured for
>the MPP would actually set the baud rate to 297 to compensate.

I still have a 300 BPS modem around here somewhere from a VIC 20 (or was it
the C-64 ?)  I still remember an ASCII Compuserve long before Prodigy, AOL,
etc were gleams in the corporate worlds eye :)))

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