[RC5] Idea

Chris Arguin Chris.Arguin at unh.edu
Fri Nov 21 18:29:55 EST 1997

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, The Man wrote:

> Stephen Blackstone wrote:
> > It would be nice if the client had an option so it would run at diffrernt
> > priorties at differnt times of the day..(I have no trouble just lettimng
> > it run full speed while I'm sleeping for example)  anyone?
> This is hardly difficult. If you are using a legitimate OS, that is - just
> set up a cron job to run a script using the renice command. Renice it to 19
> at 8am or whatever, and to something negative at 11pm. If you are stuck with
> Windoze, well,...

It doesn't really matter though. When you aren't using your computer, it
gets all the CPU anyways. The only reason it would make a difference is if
you tend to run other programs overnight as well.

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