[RC5] d.net progress

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Fri Nov 21 20:45:31 EST 1997

> The idea is not to build the supercomputer to crack the keys, but to
> "recycle" idle time to do something usefull. I'm sure (almost sure) that
> there are no ppl who bought the PPro only for the purpose of cracking the
> Rc5. But all of the cycles that are not being used on the PC is combined in
> waht's called "Distributed.net"

Exactly.  We all know that a vast majority of CPU time is spent idle. 
The massive waste of CPU resources around the world is just shameful.  I
like the idea of giving my computer something useful to do (a busy CPU
is a happy CPU).  I will donate my spare CPU cycles to the most worthy
cause that I can find.  To date, this has been distributed.net.  I like
the concept and I support the effort.  Besides, thumbing your nose at
the US Govt and their preposterous encryption policies isn't all bad
either ;-)

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