[RC5] HTML in Team Names

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Sat Nov 22 01:40:03 EST 1997

David McNett (nugget at slacker.com), on 11/21/97 10:03 AM, wrote the 

>It's going away.
>I will be coding a patented de-HTML-izer routine today that will strip the
>html from team names (and only team names -- all other fields will be left
>If your team has html in the team name, now would be a good time to remove
>it.  I make no guarantees as to the readability of what's left after my
>code finishes.

Having taken another look, Nugget, it appears that you're going to need 
to run that 'patented de-HTML-izer' of yours on a regular basis. Two of 
the top 100 teams have already reset their names to include HTML coloring.


p.s. Can you get a patent on code that deletes '<' and '>'? ;)

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